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All orders accepted by Split Klick Ltd are accepted subject to Split Klick Ltd’s United Kingdom conditions of sale for businesses or United Kingdom contract terms for consumers which are shown below.


United Kingdom contract terms between Split Klick Ltd and a consumer

This contract is intended to be entered into with customers based in the United Kingdom only who are 18 years of age or over and are a ‘consumer’ within the meaning of section 2 of the Consumer Rights Act 2015 in relation to the contract. By entering into the following contract with us you will be confirming that this is true.

Why you should read these terms carefully

You should read the following contract terms (‘the Terms’) carefully before placing your order to purchase any goods listed on this website (‘Goods’). It is important that you do so as, for every purchase which you make, both you (‘the Buyer’) and we, Split Klick Limited (Split Klick), as the sellers, will be legally bound by these Terms.

What does the Contract between us consist of?

It is our intention that these Terms together with any specifications about the Goods such as price, and description, which appear on this website, will form the whole of the contract between us. We will refer from now on to the whole contract between us (i.e. these terms together with specifications about the Goods) as ‘the Contract’.

How the Contract between us is formed

You, by ordering the Goods, will be making us an ‘offer’ i.e. an offer to purchase those Goods in accordance with the Contract. We will then either ‘accept’ or ‘reject’ your offer (usually depending upon availability). The despatch by Split Klick of all or part of the order placed will be construed as acceptance by the Company of all or part as the case may be of the Customer’s offer.

What if we do not accept your offer to buy Goods from us?

We might reject an ‘offer’, as mentioned above, for a number of reasons, for example, we are out of stock or the price of any Goods has changed or if you have requested delivery to a country to which we are unable to deliver. If we do not or are unable to accept your ‘offer’, we will contact you by e-mail, telephone, post or other appropriate method, to inform you of this. If your ‘offer’ is not accepted, there will be no contract between us.


Any orders which we accept are subject to availability. In the event that we are unable to supply the Goods, we will inform you of this as soon as possible and will reimburse any payment you might have made for the Goods in full as soon as possible and in any event within 30 days of having accepted your order.


The price for the Goods will be as specified on Split Klick.’s website (www.splitklick.co.uk) or in Split Klick’s current catalogue or in a current promotion unless the price is for any reason incorrect or has changed. We reserve the right to change the price of any Goods at any time for any reason, including changes in commodity prices, currency exchange rate fluctuations, supplier price increases and changes in market conditions. If the price is incorrect or has changed. If the price is incorrect or has changed we will contact you by e-mail, telephone, post or other appropriate method, to inform you of this, before sending the Goods. You may then cancel your offer to purchase, or confirm your offer to purchase at a revised price if one is offered.


The price for the Goods is exclusive of Value Added Tax which will be charged at the current rate in the UK.


You can either pay by credit card or debit card, (we accept VISA, Mastercard, and Maestro) Paypal, bank transfer or by cheque.  If you wish to pay by bank transfer please e-mail or telephone for bank details. If you wish to pay by bank transfer or by cheque we may delay sending the Goods until the funds cleared. For this reason we ask you to add this additional time to the estimates of delivery which we give. Cheques should be made payable to Split Klick Ltd.

When does responsibility for the Goods pass to you?

We will assume responsibility for the Goods while they are in transit so that if they are damaged on arrival or if they do not arrive at all, we will replace them free of charge. So that we may take up the matter with the carrier within time limits which they place on us, you must inform us of any damage which has occurred in transit within 3 days of delivery to you.

You will be responsible for the Goods as soon as they are delivered to you. Unloading of the Goods will be at your own risk.


We promise to exercise reasonable care and skill in carrying out our obligations under this Contract. If any breach of this promise causes death or personal injury, we will accept liability. Neither do we in any way wish to avoid liability in relation to any other claim which you might have against us in respect of Goods which we have supplied (or failed to supply) to you and where this is the result of our own negligence.

Where we do accept that we are liable or where we are found to be liable, in relation to any claim you might have against us, we do however limit that liability to the following:

  • To direct and foreseeable losses (including which result from our negligence) which you may suffer. We will not be liable for losses which are indirect. By ‘indirect losses’ we mean, for example, loss of profits or loss of contracts, damage to any of your property or damage to anyone else and personal injury which you or someone else might suffer which is not a result of our negligence.
  • To the extent that we are covered by any insurance policy which we have taken out and which is operative at the time that liability arises.

Save as set out above, we will not be liable to you in respect of any claim which you may have.

Errors or omissions

Whilst we will make every effort to ensure that the information on this website, including anything in the Contract and also in any correspondence from us to you, is accurate, complete and up to date, we cannot guarantee this. If we do make any mistakes, we apologise for any inconvenience which this might cause and we would be grateful if you could point them out to us as soon as possible. We do reserve the right to correct any mistakes without there being any liability on our part.

Law relating to this Contract

The contract between us shall be governed by the laws of England and Wales and any dispute between us will be resolved exclusively in the courts of England and Wales.

Split Klick company details

We are registered in England under the name of Split Klick Limited. Our registered company number is 4870716 and our registered office is 21 Greenhill Drive, Bingley, BD16 3HT.

Please address written correspondence to our operational address, which is Split Klick Ltd. Waltham House, Clyde Street, Bingley, BD16 2NT

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Purposes for which we gather information about you. Split Klick will hold and process any personal information which you provide to us on this web site in order to facilitate and enhance the services which we provide and to process your orders.


With advancing technologies and legal developments, we ask you to refer to our own web site on a regular basis to ensure that you are aware of our most recent policies and terms and conditions.